Where zeitgeist and zest
for life converge.

Nestled between seven valleys in the north of the Black Forest, built in typical local style and complemented with modern, glamorous design elements, the Parkhotel Luise in Bad Herrenalb combines zeitgeist, zest for life and conviviality to provide a uniquely welcoming and friendly ambience. It seems that every piece of furniture, every detail, every ornament has a story to tell. Stories that come together in this place and seek to complement each other: enjoyment and nature, well-being and fitness, vitality and experiences. We consider it our job to ensure that you enhance your time here with enjoyable experiences, cheerfulness and harmony, rediscover tried and tested qualities and enjoy the day to the full in the company of friends, family or colleagues.

Wellness Holiday
in the northern black Forest

Treat yourself to a spa session with modern, individually tailored wellness treatments and packages, which will round off your stay or holiday at the Parkhotel Luise in Bad Herrenalb and leave you totally relaxed. Guests can linger by the indoor pool and relax in the neighbouring Black Forest sauna. Relax in the adjoining outdoor area as you take in the wonderful views of nature and recharge your batteries for the following day. The Luisen Spa Bad Herrenalb is also the perfect spot to unwind after a nice day out.

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Founded as a monastery in 1149, Herrenalb still has some very special qualities, which can be felt in every corner of the place through its natural geological and climatic conditions. These natural treasures have been used for healing purposes since the 19 th century. In 1954, Herrenalb was finally named as a spa and health resort. Since then, it has become a popular spa and tourist destination for generations of relaxation seekers.

In 1985, the beginning of the “Black Forest boom” led to the construction of larger hotels in Bad Herrenalb. One of these was what is now the 150-room Parkhotel Luise on Dobler Straße, located on the edge of the spa gardens. The ZDF TV series “Die Schwarzwaldklinik” (The Black Forest Clinic) began airing at around the same time. With over a million viewers in more than 39 countries, it helped to raise international awareness of the area. For many years the northern Black Forest around Bad Herrenalb has also benefited from this high level of recognition, as well as the Black Forest’s association with beauty and health. Over more than 30 years, the health farm in what is now the Parkhotel Luise has established itself as a permanent institution.

First as a Treff Hotel, then a Best Western, now the Parkhotel Luise: the hotel last changed hands in 2016, when it was acquired by a private investor. The new owner renovated the hotel with great attention to detail, emphasising its strengths, and reopening it just in time for the local horticultural show. Since then, a new spirit has reigned in the hotel – appreciative of the good old times, yet offering the modernity expected from a chic Black Forest spa hotel today.